Where to play tennis in New York City (NYC)

There are a lot of free tennis courts to play tennis in San Francisco

Here is a Google Map of every public tennis court and tennismaps.com of Bay Area courts.

Lisa & Douglas Goldman Tennis Center – has 16 lighted tennis courts and you can reserve these courts for a small fee. See their fee schedule. They also offer tennis groups and private classes.

Bookable free courts in San Francisco Parks & Rec using Spotery.com – these courts are part of the free tennis courts and allow you to book 7 day ahead at 8am or 2 days ahead at 12pm. See this site for details https://www.spotery.com/site/sfrp

See this great resource at tenniscoalitionsf.org. Tennis Coalition also offers resources to find other people to play with.

Playing at Night, courts with lights

If you are looking for courts that have lights, see this complete court list from SF Park and Rec

  • Cayuga Playground 1 court, 0 reservable
  • Jose Coronado Playground 1 court, 0 reservable
  • Crocker Amazon Tennis 3 courts, 3 reservable
  • Dolores Tennis 6 courts, 3 reservable
  • Excelsior Playground 1 courts, 0 reservable
  • Glen Park Rec 2 courts, 1 reservable
  • Hamilton Tennis 2 courts, 2 reservable
  • Hayes Valley 1 court, 0 reservable
  • Jackson Playground 1 court, 1 reservable
  • James Rolph Jr Tennis 2 courts, 0 reservable
  • Joe DiMaggio Tennis 3 courts, 1 reservable
  • Lisa Goldman in Golden Gate Park 16 courts, 16 reservable
  • Merced Heights Playground 2 courts, 0 reservable
  • Mission Playground 2 courts, 0 reservable
  • Palega Tennis 2 courts, 0 reservable
  • Silver Terrace Athletic Fields 1 court, 0 reservable
  • Moscone Rec Center 4 courts, 4 reservable
  • West Sunset Playground – 3223 Ortega Street 2 courts, 0 reservable
  • Willie Wong Playground 1 court, 0 reservable
  • Youngblood Coleman Playground 2 courts, 0 reservable

SF Court Tips & Information

SFSU 14 courts. If you park on Park Merced and State Dr., there is a shortcut you can take to get down to the courts shorter (be careful and don’t slip)